War Commander Cheats 2013

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War Commander cheats 2013

War Commander is an interesting and captivating Facebook strategy game. If you are a strategy games fan, War Commander will remind you of other Facebook warfare-themed games like EdgeWorld and Global Warfare.

War Commander cheatsIt brings a nice animated tutorial, great graphics and a clear interface. When you enter the game, you are a commander who must build a base that has to be defended and to control his troops as well as battle units such as ships,tanks or planes. In order to level up, you have to use skills and technology to build the base, to improve the status of your military unit and also to collect resources.

First and foremost, it’s important to know the meaning of colors, not to get confused. Blue stands for the things that belong to you. Green means the things your friends own. Your enemy’s belongings are listed in red and the computer-controlled rogue factions are marked in yellow.

If you win battles against other Facebook players, you can collect metal, oil, power or gold. You will have to build a strong defense to keep your invaders out of your base by building defenses like turrets. The more you play and gain different types of resources, you’ll improve as a commander and have access to more powerful infantry units, weapons and air force.

The most important weapons are the Thorium, the Behemoth Tank, the Havoc Helicopter, the Shock Tank and the Suicide Truck. The troops are classified in 3 categories: air vehicles, land vehicles and foot soldiers. The main troops are the Riflemen, the Heavy Gunners, the Flame Thrower, Jackrabbit, The Hercules, The Sniper and the Rocket Launcher.

You have to analyze the enemy troops, see their weaknesses and use the best troops against them. The best way to attack a base is to attack in phases. Pull your troops back and then attack again. The computer controlled bases have more resources and higher level, but also tougher defense.

Because it’s a strategy game, that requires a lot of time to build everything from scratch, you will need lots of patience to level up. The progress in the game is pretty slow and going to the next level might take a long time. If you don’t feel like spending money or leveling up step by step, you can cheat.

Cheating can help you build:

  • metal and oil storages
  • war and metal factories
  • barracks
  • airfields
  • air centers
  • defense labs
  • academies
  • oil pumps
  • power plants
  • walls
  • mine factories
  • defense platforms

You can cheat using a Cheat Engine that uses values converted to hex codes. Each item that you need has a specific code that you have to enter into the engine then go to the game window and refresh your page. Your account will show the recent changes. You’ll have to refresh your browser for all the cheats.

Even if you choose the War Commander cheats, you’ll have to be careful and patient. Don’t grow too quick or you might draw attention to yourself and even get banned. If someone notices that you suddenly went from level 2 to level 5, you can get banned fast. Upgrade just one level at a time, improve one thing at a time and one building at a time.

With or without cheats, War Commander is a fascinating game that makes you feel like a real commander building and controlling warfare by applying well thought out military strategies.